Welcome to Asante.

We believe that architecture and design plays an integral role when creating a sustainable environment. To us, great design is the use of durable and authentic materials with an understanding of specific environmental and cultural conditions. For all projects, at any scale, great design means caring for the people you are building for.


Asante means thank you in Swahili, the name was chosen as a sign of gratitude for our first project to design a new children’s center for Econef, an organization in Tanzania, a project that founded the philosophy behind Asante.


Asante Architecture & Design is located in Stockholm, Sweden and was established by Frida Öster and Carolina Wikström shortly after they graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology. The idea for Asante was first conceived when they both returned to Stockholm from their studies abroad, Frida from Paris and Carolina from Berlin. Today it is a studio on the rise with the vision of creating beautiful and sustainable architecture and design wherever the opportunity arises.

Carolina Wikström
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