Duplex homes in sync with their habitat

Site-sensitive houses that celebrate living close to others, as well as the outdoors.

Project Facts

Type Housing

Location Sollentuna, Sweden

Year 2017

Area 494.2 M² BOA

Team Frida Öster, Lukas Bidö, Albin Frech, Ana Garcia-Avello Mendez

The idea

These three new volumes nestle into the existing slope, accommodating and enhancing the unique plot. Surrounded by pine trees, the design is receptive to available views and daylight, inspiring correspondence between inhabitants and their environment.

Our vision

In designing these 5 homes, our approach was to create a balance between living with others and parallel to them. The buildings are organised around a communal courtyard in the centre that leads off to the main entrances, while the other side of the buildings provides private outdoor spaces. Offset plans and green buffers act as screens, allowing occupants quiet moments to sit out and read a book or soak up the sunshine.

The Exterior

We used a golden brown palette of materials and fixings to add a homely touch to the crisp, modern facades. The buildings respond to the scale of nearby villas, and offer an fresh take on the prevailing local housing typology, adding variation to the built neighbourhood.