Located on a high hill on the village of Kodai kanal in India, the Cloud Hotel is a complex of high-standard cabins holding two to three suites of 50 sqm each.

Project Facts

Type Hotel

Location Kodai, India

Year 2018

Area 470 m²

Team Frida Öster, Rupe Vargas

The Site

The hotel will be located on a pear tree orchard on high altitude in the middle of the clouds. The place offers wide views to the town of Kodaikanal and also an astonishing view to the Natural forest reserve of Vellagavi.

Our vision

The vision is to create a dreamscape for couples, families or the travelling guest. It will become a place of inspiration and peace that only a remote place like this can give.

The hotel suites will all enjoy the view of the vast valley, overlooking a cloudy landscape. The restaurant and lobby will be facing the other direction towards the astonishing view over the village of Kodaikanal. Part of the pear orchard will be left in its natural state and will be used as an inspiring garden park. There will be three different house typologies with cabins in one and two stories, in order to create a diversity and avoid repetition.


The choice of materials is responding to the local tradition of stone masonry and availability of very skilled handcraft. Solid walls with heavy presence are contrasted with the light structures of corten steel pergolas that will protect form direct sun light and hold the plants to provide additional shade and privacy between the suites. With time, the cabins will become partly covered by the green flora of the ecosystem.

Corten steel (pergolas)

Weathering steel forms a stable rust-like patina following several years of weather exposure. It was originally developed in order to eliminate the need for painting and is maintenance free. The exposed raw surface gives a beautiful surface with patina.

Local, natural stone

In Kodaikanal there is a tradition of stone masonry, used for free standing walls and as a building material for houses. The stone is locally available, brought from the valley, and is arranged by skilled handcraft.