Stone town apartments

Redesign of two Stockholm apartments into four duplex rentals to create modern living spaces with revitalised historical character.

Project Facts

Type Housing

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Year 2020

Area 348 m²

Team Carolina Wikström, Frida Öster, Rupe Vargas, Ana Garcia-Avello Mendez, Joel Kjellgren, Albin Frech

The Site

Staren 6 was built between 1903–1906 in Stockholm’s “stone town” district known for classically influenced, turn of the century five-storey stone and brick buildings.  These commonly boulevard-lined neighbourhoods were erected in grid-style urban plan that has now come to characterise most European cities.

The building’s original architect Albert Sjösteen was employed at some of the then most influential architecture studios in Stockholm,  across the capital.


Our design proposal transforms the two apartments on the upper floor along with the building’s attic into four duplexes with a lofty 3.20 meter height.

To add volume, vibrancy, and character, we are extending the apartments with street-facing dormers in symmetry with the dormers of neighbouring buildings.


As part of the refurbishment, all four apartments will be extended with courtyard-yard-facing terraces and feature small street-facing dormers, similar to the dormers of the neighbouring buildings.